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CABRI Guidelines for Catalogue Production

Guidelines prepared for CABRI by BCCM, CBS, CERDIC, DSMZ, ECACC, HGMP, INRC, MSDN
Page layout by CERDIC

Data input & authentication Flat file preparation Flat file submission

Filamentous fungi and Yeasts format and reference list: Geographic origin

Information taken from:
'Structuring Strain Data for Storage and Retrieval of Information on Fungi and Yeasts in MINE, the Microbial Information Network Europe'
Gams et al., Journal of General Microbiology (1988), 134, 1667-1689.

Geographic origin (location of original material)

Sequence: Country, state; local details

A major delimiter ";" may separate subfields in such a way that only the first part is indexed and published in catalogues. Spelling of country names is English, other names according to national spelling ("Hannover, München, Lisboa, Warszawa, Moska"), Cyrillic names are transliterated according to ISO norm 833-1974.

Canada, Quebec; Montreal, La Salle Woods, 400 m alt.

Neherlands; Baarn, Estate Groenveld, near ditch

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